The Sentinel

Solution If you find it hard to imagine life without your smartphone or other wireless communication device, you are not alone. Wireless technology has become an essential part of life in many parts of the world as of 2011, reaching even some of the more remote regions of the planet. Wireless communication has impacted the […]

Integrated +

Integrated+ the the HoReCa revolution enabler. HoReCa is a short for hotel / restaurant / catering and encompasses the whole food service industry. The term HoReCa includes everything that happens at places like restaurants, cafés, clubs, pubs, hotels etc. The HoReCa industry the perfect target industry for the 4.0 Industry revolution i.e automation and robotisation. Our Integrated […]

The Unsubscriber

Solution This is a small application that simply automatic removes all emails where you are to unsubscribe. The application works on all known email systems and clients. y Status Fully founded! Thank you all investors! Soon in production!

The Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development

Solution The Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development (FSSD) is a science-based, structured approach to working systematically and strategically with the complex sustainability challenge society, with all its organisations, faces. FSSD is designed to enable systemic (taking the whole civilisation-nature system into account) and strategic (step-by-step while improving bottom lines)  sustainable development. Analyses, planning, decision-making and strategic collaborative action […]

The Mailroom

Solution The Mailroom is an artificial intelligence solution that the user teaches  how to keep your email inbox optimized without the users attention i.e an email AI management system.  The Mailroom teams target markets are all email users, regardless of email brand or solution. The solution has been designed to ease of use directly in […]