The Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development


The Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development (FSSD) is a science-based, structured approach to working systematically and strategically with the complex sustainability challenge society, with all its organisations, faces. FSSD is designed to enable systemic (taking the whole civilisation-nature system into account) and strategic (step-by-step while improving bottom lines)  sustainable development. Analyses, planning, decision-making and strategic collaborative action across disciplines and sectors towards sustainability can be hands-on operated at any scale, in any context.

At its core, the FSSD has basic principles that define social and ecological sustainability, and guidelines for modelling of attractive futures within those principles, as well as guidelines for how to systematically approach such sustainable goals.

Or in other words. This is the only sustainability framework designed to be unifying (“generic”). It is unique in supporting any person or organization or product/service developer to create a vision of their own sustainable future within their specific context and to win economically already upfront from doing so. It stimulates ideas for what steps might be taken to move towards the respective sustainable goals or visions and guides how to do prioritizations of these possible steps into economically  competitive planning. The FSSD also guides selection, development and a coordinated use of supplementary concepts, methods and tools for sustainable development e.g. how to develop tailor-made indicators to monitor transitions.

The FSSD has been developed over the past 30 years through an ongoing, comprehensive, peer-reviewed scientific process, including application and testing between scientists and leaders from public as well as private sectors across the globe. Over the course of its history, the FSSD has successfully contributed to advancing the sustainability work in hundreds of organisations around the world, including the advisory work of International NGO The Natural Step.  Other examples include businesses such as IKEA, Electrolux, Philips, Interface, Starbucks, Nike, Scandic Hotels, Hydro Polymers and Rohm and Hass, as well as municipalities such as Whistler BC in Canada, Madison, Wisconsin in the United States, Eindhoven in The Netherlands and many more around the world. In Sweden a network of more than 100 “eco-municipalities” has signed on to implement the FSSD in their operations.

The framework has so far mostly been implemented in organizations through action-research formatted as seminarians, work-shops or consultancy. This has created a growing knowledge base for the guidance of strategic planning and monitoring, specific to each organization or topic. Each time the framework has been implemented for a certain topic or organization, outcomes have been applied not only for strategic sustainable development in each case, but also for refining of the framework itself. This data is now to be developed into an AI / machine solution as a service. The core of the solution will be open source sharing of knowledge, best practices, the how-to’s and so on. The value add service like facilitation, work shopping, consultancy and so on will be paid serviced. The majority of value-add services will have built-in tools in the solution.


The methodology and framework is developed to 100%.

The service solution is in HLD (High Level Design)

The ask

To launch the FSSD as-a-service the initial investment need is  $3.1M giving the investors 25 % of the value add operation.

Please go to this link to learn more of the FSSD.